Interview with composer Gavin Bryars about his beloved East Yorkshire: “There’s a sort of depth that I don’t find in many other places. People tend to have roots there.”


Some thoughts on Mind On The Run, Matt Stephenson’s affectionate documentary about former big band jazz drummer, Basil Kirchin, the greatest British composer you have never heard of…

The Great Beauty is La Dolce Vita troubled by its own sense of mortality. It looks incredible, but does it actually have anything to say?

Mind On The Run: The Basil Kirchin Story was a three day crash course in all things Basil, celebrating the life and work an unsung musical genius.

The Company of Wolves may well have been mis-sold to American audiences as horror, but its tangential impulses share more in common with Derek Jarman and Peter Greenaway than with John Carpenter.

With a sure-fire hit behind him, novelist John Fowles decided to follow it up with a notebook of Existentialist musings. D’oh!

Sinister and hip, The Collector announced John Fowles as an original new voice in British fiction. Does it still resonate over half a century later?