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See Rome and Die | The Great Beauty & Me

The Great Beauty is La Dolce Vita troubled by its own sense of mortality. It looks incredible, but does it actually have anything to say?

Mind On The Run | Basil Kirchin & Me

Mind On The Run: The Basil Kirchin Story was a three day crash course in all things Basil, celebrating the life and work an unsung musical genius.

Get Carter | The Company of Wolves & Me

The Company of Wolves may well have been mis-sold to American audiences as horror, but its tangential impulses share more in common with Derek Jarman and Peter Greenaway than with John Carpenter.

A Quick One | The Aristos & Me

With a sure-fire hit behind him, novelist John Fowles decided to follow it up with a notebook of Existentialist musings. D’oh!

What Difference Does It Make? | The Collector & Me

Sinister and hip, The Collector announced John Fowles as an original new voice in British fiction. Does it still resonate over half a century later?

A Nanny in Manhattan | Vivian Maier & Me

It was the stuff of urban legend. Vivian Maier was an artist, a highly talented street photographer whose work was extraordinary and candid. The trouble was nobody had ever heard of her…

Catch The Devil | Rude Boys versus John Deakin REDUX

Two London exhibitions threw up some unexpected connections between the cult of the rude-boy and the work of an embittered fifties Soho visionary…