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IT’S ABOUT TIME | More Basil Kirchin & Me

Some thoughts on Mind On The Run, Matt Stephenson’s affectionate documentary about former big band jazz drummer, Basil Kirchin, the greatest British composer you have never heard of…


See Rome and Die | The Great Beauty & Me

The Great Beauty is La Dolce Vita troubled by its own sense of mortality. It looks incredible, but does it actually have anything to say?

Get Carter | The Company of Wolves & Me

The Company of Wolves may well have been mis-sold to American audiences as horror, but its tangential impulses share more in common with Derek Jarman and Peter Greenaway than with John Carpenter.

What Difference Does It Make? | The Collector & Me

Sinister and hip, The Collector announced John Fowles as an original new voice in British fiction. Does it still resonate over half a century later?

A Nanny in Manhattan | Vivian Maier & Me

It was the stuff of urban legend. Vivian Maier was an artist, a highly talented street photographer whose work was extraordinary and candid. The trouble was nobody had ever heard of her…

Once Upon A Time In Leeds West | Ennio Morricone & Me

What does it say about me that whenever I hear Ennio Morricone’s title score for The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, I am gripped with fear? Every person has his hang-ups, I suppose, but as phobias go, mine is pretty strange – although I did recently hear tell of a Hollywood actor who is […]

Better Call Saul | Saul Bass & Me

Saul Bass was the go-to guy for film title credits. You may not be familiar with the name, but you will sure recognise the style. His influence can be felt in just about any form of human artistic expression from advertising to movies, from cover art to design; The Simpsons have even paid their own […]