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EAST IS EAST | Gavin Bryars & Me

Interview with composer Gavin Bryars about his beloved East Yorkshire: “There’s a sort of depth that I don’t find in many other places. People tend to have roots there.”


Mind On The Run | Basil Kirchin & Me

Mind On The Run: The Basil Kirchin Story was a three day crash course in all things Basil, celebrating the life and work an unsung musical genius.

Catch The Devil | Rude Boys versus John Deakin REDUX

Two London exhibitions threw up some unexpected connections between the cult of the rude-boy and the work of an embittered fifties Soho visionary…

Thicky Disco | The Wheels of Steel & Me

Call it a mid-life crisis if you want; call it one last desperate spin of the bottle if it helps: but in my mid-30s, I suddenly decided it was time I became a DJ…

Once Upon A Time In Leeds West | Ennio Morricone & Me

What does it say about me that whenever I hear Ennio Morricone’s title score for The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, I am gripped with fear? Every person has his hang-ups, I suppose, but as phobias go, mine is pretty strange – although I did recently hear tell of a Hollywood actor who is […]

The Queen Is Dead | Queen’s Greatest Hits & Me

In the glorious summer between leaving school and going to university, I did a lot of driving around. Actually, this isn’t strictly true. It was Dave who did all the driving, and I that did all the being driven around. I had proved such an apparent danger to the public, behind the wheel of an […]

Time Has Told Me | Nick Drake & Me

Mr Woodman’s History lesson was last thing on a Wednesday afternoon. His room – which was entirely suited to its purpose being both grey and dusty – was midway along an oxblood floored corridor at a forgotten end of the school. Pupils entered the classroom through a battered door, sellotaped to which was a faded poster […]