Before Trick-or-Treat there was Mischief Night. Imagine Trick-or-Treat minus the treat bit and with extra helpings of the old ultra-violence. Halloween remembered …

Call it a mid-life crisis if you want; call it one last desperate spin of the bottle if it helps: but in my mid-30s, I suddenly decided it was time I became a DJ…

My Dad, Wallace Mudd, died exactly a year ago to the day. I have spent the days in between coming to terms with the loss of a man who seemed both incredibly vulnerable and indestructible at the same time. He was housebound and miserable for the last two years of his life, physically a wreck […]

Billed as a ‘telephone performance’, artist Grace Schwindt‘s Free Individual/Free Society was an experiment in acousmatic sound. Commissioned by Leeds-based arts organisation, Pavilion, extracts from Scwindt’s latest film project – currently in post-production – were recreated live in an empty theatre, and relayed, by phone-line, to an audience, listening on headsets, at the Hyde Park […]

What does it say about me that whenever I hear Ennio Morricone’s title score for The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, I am gripped with fear? Every person has his hang-ups, I suppose, but as phobias go, mine is pretty strange – although I did recently hear tell of a Hollywood actor who is […]

Saul Bass was the go-to guy for film title credits. You may not be familiar with the name, but you will sure recognise the style. His influence can be felt in just about any form of human artistic expression from advertising to movies, from cover art to design; The Simpsons have even paid their own […]

It is twenty years since Blur’s Parklife was loosed from the traps, an album that is as divisive as it is diverse. It is argued, by some, that its release marked the true starting point for Britpop™ – going against the accepted wisdom that the April 1993 edition of Select magazine, with its cover featuring […]